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Choose, we must...

Choose, we must...

| October 05, 2018

I recently joined a friend for lunch at a terrific restaurant. It was a good thing that we were not in a rush because we had to send our server away three times. The menu it seems, was eight pages long, and narrowing our selection was impossible. There were simply too many choices, when all we really needed was one – the right one!  And because we only had one chance to get it right, our fear of screwing it up led to indecision.

Our financial lives are like this sometimes. A Google search for “Financial Advice” yielded over 483 million hits! Try picking out just the right one from that!  Predictably, many are paralyzed at this prospect and simply do not choose. No plan, and therefore no progress.  Maybe it’s time to eliminate some choices and narrow your focus?

Leonardo da Vinci nailed it: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

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