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The Seventh Cure for a Lean Purse…

The Seventh Cure for a Lean Purse…

| September 17, 2018

We have stepped way back in time to the ancient days of Babylon.  Arkad, the wealthy sage in George Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon,” has shared his seven cures for a lean purse.  In this final cure, Arkad advises his eager students to look within for ways to improve their financial positions.  He was referring, of course, to one’s ability to increase his or her own earnings by first increasing his or her knowledge.  “That man (or woman) who seeks to learn more of his craft shall be richly rewarded.”

Moreover, having the desire to earn more is vital to success, and the more specific the better.  “General desires are but weak longings.  For a man to wish to be rich is of little purpose. For a man to desire five pieces of gold is a tangible desire which he can press to fulfillment.”  And so, by studying our own craft, improving and becoming wiser, we not only have improved our own value and earning power, but we have also strengthened confidence in our own ability to achieve our goals.

Installing a wealth plan is a great place to start, but the magic – is in its execution! Thinking very specifically about just how much wealth we will need to accumulate before were finished working provides that tangible desire to which Arkad refers. 

Arkad got it.  He understood, through the tough consequences of his own poor decisions, he eventually found the proper course in these seven cures for a lean purse:

  1. Start thy purse to fattening
  2. Control thy expenditures
  3. Make thy gold multiply
  4. Guard thy treasures from loss
  5. Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment
  6. Ensure thy future income
  7. Increase thy ability to earn

What’s stopping you right now from fattening your own purse?

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